Monday, 28 April 2014

I Got Melt... FINALLY

The Spiel
Well yeah.. The title speaks for itself... I FFFIINNNAAALLLYYYY ordered some Melt Lipsticks! I was pretty well behaved and chose 3; Bane, Spacecake & Darling. But guys, I'm getting more! Why?? BECAUSE THEY ARE FLIPPING SPECTACULAR! For any of you who haven't heard of these amazeball lipsticks, they come in 12 amazing shades. Not into lilac, grey or black (like me)? No problem! They have reds, pinks and oranges too! They are the creamiest matte lipsticks ever! I just.. I can't handle. I could gush for hours. There are only two downsides I can think of, the first is that if you want to wear a lighter shade you MUST exfoliate your lips, but let's face it, you should do this all the time for your lipstick to look topnotch. But yeah, I put Darling on first and my lips were a tad dry and I took it off immediately to do a scrub because it emphasised just how dry they were. The second, is that if you have especially pink lips (like I do after scrubbing my lips like a maniac) is that you may want to use a lip primer! It's not completely necessary but I found when I was applying Spacecake (last, when my lips were at the peak of pinkness) I had to give it a few good swipes to get full coverage. Again, this is something you should probably do with all lipsticks. Ok I'm stopping now, let the photos speak for themselves!


Oh yes, come at me. Before now Limecrime's Airborne Unicorn was my favourite pastel purple, I loved it, and I still do but chyeah it's been taken over. This is the most perfect pastel purple ever!! Depending on the light I was in it looked almost pink. Plus, the pastelness (what? that's a word!) of it made me look saaaaaa tanned - major plus in a pasty girl's life. All in all - will wear this shade down to the nub. 

 No flash/Flash comparison because I thought this shade needed it 

Space Cake
I looooooove this colour. It's so flipping unique (that's what first attracted me to Melt), it applied so creamy and soft but it had the perfect matte finish. Perfection. 

This shiz is the creamiest, most opaque black of my life. It's my favourite. That is all. 

All The Colours!
As if I'm not going to do a gradient... 

So I love them so much I'm doing another order on Thursday. I look forward to swatching the newbies for you then ;)

Belle xx

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