Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Comic Book Makeup; Revamped
The Spiel
So, last night I did a different sort of Comic Book Makeup for Crown Brush UK's weekly comp (#MakeupMonday) and I wanted to do something different to the classic red dots etc. So this happened! It was inspired by another artist I used to follow on Instagram but sadly doesn't exist anymore *sadness*. Anyway I added some flairs of my own and then added it to Reddit (and forgot to watermark....) and it blew up while I slept. Completely. Unexpected. I attempted to blog last night but the latest addition to my life (a little Mini Dachshund named Eevee) decided my laptop was an excellent place to run across! So my SO is currently entertaining her so I can blog quickly! Can I quickly add, this is COMPLETELY un-photoshopped. No filters. No anything. Seriously guys, I struggle with blogging let alone something complex as photoshop... 

And this is the devil who kept me from blogging/extended the makeup process by an hour...

 And for anyone doubting this is just makeup, this was my (sort of) step by step process! 
The Products:
Base: Graftobian Creme Foundation (Palest in Neutral Palette) mixed with small amount of Ben Nye White Creme Makeup
Black: Inglot Gel Liner (#77) 
Red: Ben Nye Lumiere Palette Cherry Red with a small amount of Ben Nye White Creme Makeup
Blue: Ben Nye Lumiere Palette Cosmic Blue with large amount of Ben Nye White Creme Makeup
Hair: TAG Black Aqua Paint & the Red colour already mixed for my face!

Hooray! I'm actually shocked at the amount of likes this makeup has done, and hugely humbled. Thank you for the love and support guys!

Belle xx

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