Tuesday, 10 December 2013

7 Deadly Sins - Greed

The Spiel 
Disclaimer: If any of you have any bad feelings towards neck things (like me, yay!) or cutting... Don't look at these photos. Maybe don't even read the spiel. xx
So I mentioned last post that I had done Greed first but ended up not loving it so much so I decided to re-do it! So I bring to you the new, improved Greed. The colour is Gold, and before any of you think "what?? Gold?? Why would this bitch NOT do Green???", because, my lovelies, Green will obviously be for envy and each sin has its own individual colour! So anyway, this bitch is saaaaa greedy that she freaking bleeds gold, every ounce of her gooey blood is gold. It's excessive, it's wonderful. So one night she's all "I need more, my shelves upon shelves of gold just isn't enough... I know! I'll cut myself to collect my own blood". Yeah, Greed isn't too clever.... Obviously, she bleeds to death. 
Also, as many of you may know I have a neck phobia of sorts, I swear it's beyond bonkers how much neck shit terrifies me. Anyway, I've been building up all year to do a neck prosthetic. In the last few weeks of school I had 2 small ones on the side of my neck but I wanted to prove to myself I could do one over my entire neck, so I decided to conquer my fears and apply one. Brave bitch, right here! And I only almost cried seven times - that's a personal record. 

The Products: 
Benefit 15 Hour Primer
MAC Face & Body Foundation
Temptu S/B Concealer Wheel (Side note: not sure why I reached for this, I usually only use it when I'm airbrushing)
RCMA Translucent Powder 
Contouring Palette (Palette Lab on Makeup Mania)
Crown Brush Blush Palette
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow - Goldilux
LimeCrime Glitter - Leo
Gold Leaf Sheets (from Riot!)

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows - Goldilux
Inglot Gel Liner - Black 
ModelRock Cluster Lashes - Long

Ben Nye LiquiSet mixed with Sugarpill Loose shadow (Goldilux)
Limecrime Glitter - Leo

Duo Lash Glue - Clear
Gold Leaf Sheets 

Entire prosthetic was made with Plastil Gel - 00 
Cut was put over a scar plate I made and mixed with Graftobian creme foundation so it was the same colour as my skin (ended up being 2 shades too light, damnit)
Blood was mixed with Sugarpill Goldilux and I just dripped it over the cut (once it has set and I have pulled it off the scar plate)
I attached it with latex and WHY OH FUCKING WHY did I do that?? Lazy moment ended up giving me awful edges. If I was to do that again I would use bondo (mix of cabosil & prosaide). 

Hope this was informative for any lovelies wondering! 
Belle xx

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