Friday, 6 December 2013

Getting Started...

I guess I should do a little intro? My name is Ellen, call me anything you could relate to that - I'll respond. Elle, Belle, Smellen (love my awesome friends for that one)... I've had it all people! & as of yesterday I am officially a Makeup Artist (hooray for graduating beauty school and people no longer being tempted to sing "Beauty School Dropout" to me). 
Anyway, it's 1AM and I can't sleep, go figure, so I thought I would finally sit down in front of my computer and start the blog I've been procrastinating about starting for months. No more excuses, I've finally graduated so that means no more assignments, no more last minute face charting for a look I have due the next day, no more boring makeup that no one is really interested in but is a compulsory part of the course, all in all I think I now have enough time to ramble on an internet site at all hours of the morning! 
I'm planning and going to invest in a good webcam so I can film some tutorials for you lovelies who are interested, because I opened my webcam built in to my laptop for the first time last night and wow... It is shitsville quality if ever I've seen it! Until then I'll try to post some picture tutorials or just general details about looks I've completed. Or maybe I'll be the worst blogger in history and never add anything, but let's think positively for now! 
Anyway if any of you have randomly stumbled upon this page and are thinking "the fuck is this chick even?" feel free to stalk my Instagram, I post much of my makeup there! 

Until next time xx

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